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A story of miracles that continues: Kwame Huntington Foster is helping others...

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Kwame JC Huntington Foster, HHFF President and Founder


Providing services and hope provided since 1991


The Huntington Hope and Faith Foundation for Terminally ILL Children and Others to Live is a non-profit, 501c3 organization yhat have been diligently working in the community for over (14) fourteen years. The Huntington-Foster family has been in the people helping business for over (30 years) thirty years. We have been blessed. Our primary objective is to service people who have mental and physical challenges. We offer educational and medical referral services, initial counseling sessions, and scholarships for challenged youths in the arts and to help college students with life threatening diseases.

"My main goal is to help other young people with or without challenges to have hope; my joy and accomplishments are from God's grace." says Kwame Huntington Foster, HHFF president and founder. Kwame, having Muscular Dystrophy since birth, has also been living on a life support machine for the last eighteen(18) years. Kwame, 26, is a graduate of Sara T. Reed High School and a former "A" student at Southern University. He is an advocate for learning all you can when you are able. Kwame, a devoted lover of classical and the arts, vows to never give up despite his physical challenges. He started the foundation in 1991 to help others to live a fulfilling life and to have hope. The Huntington Foundation has serviced and given gifts to over two thousand (2000) children and adults"We plan to continue our endeavors to keep to help those who encounter despair and/ or serious health challenges", say a young man whohas faced many challenges since birth. Kwame, HHFF president, continues to strive for success.

Your Contribution Will Help Us:


  • To provide a full arts scholarship to a needy child.

  • To provide transportation, books, and supplies to a college student with a life-threatening illness.

  • To provide counseling services for families in crisis.

  • To assist with community outreach/special projects.

  • To provide assistance for children with mental and physical challenges in the arts.

  • To supply band instruments, art and crafts supplies: and dance, drama, choir equipment and costumes for participants.

  • To provide our children with positive cultural programs, academic and social growth and development; and assistance to their families.

Make Checks Payable To and Mail or Bring To:
The Mid-City Workshop (or)
The Huntington Hope and Faith Foundation
3314 Conti St. 1st Floor, New Orleans, LA 70119